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AOL Customer Care- Best Ways to Combat AOL Related Issues

AOL is undoubtedly the best platform with captivating features and elementary interface. Also, it works hand-in-hand with Verizon to offer the web-mail services. There is a lot about AOL which users aren’t familiar with, such as the AOL support means. So, here is the cut-to-chase answer for all your concerns and questions regarding AOL support services. Let’s unveil the best means for reaching out the AOL customer support.

Contact Official AOL Support Information:


AOL Phone Number Customer Service:

There is a wide range of AOL customer support number available to reach the officials. Here is the list which includes all the support numbers provided by the brand on its web portal

  • How to sign up for AOL:

           1-800-827-6364 (Mon-Fri: 8am-12am ET; Sat: 8am-10pm ET)

  • AOL phone support for Account and AOL customer service billing

           1-800-827-6364 (Mon-Fri: 8am-12am ET; Sat: 8am-10pm ET)

  • AOL contact number for Password Reset

           1-800-827-6364 (Mon-Fri: 8am-1am ET; Sat-Sun: 8am-10pm ET)

  • AOL technical support phone number (for Paid Customers Only)

          1-800-827-6364 (24 x 7)

  • Specialized AOL support phone number for Spanish speakers (Servicio al Cliente y Soporte Técnico en Español)


  • AOL com TTY help service for the deaf or hard-of-hearing

          1-800-759-3323 (Must have the TTY-enabled equipment)

Email Support for AOL:

One can connect with AOL online support services via email, just dropping an email using the link given underneath:

AOL website:

Go to in order to access the support service. To begin, you can use the search bar to find the topics of your choice. Type the main keyword of your query and hit the search button. You will get the list of options, and pick the one you want. All articles are written and sorted by the experts of AOL.

AOL Mail:

This section includes a number of resourceful articles about the popular topics regarding AOL email support+. Furthermore, there are two support links that redirect you to “check your email” and “Try the AOL app”.

The list of recommended articles:

  • Create and manage an AOL mail account.
  • Use POP and IMAP to sync AOL mail on a third-party app or download.
  • Overview of AOL mail on a mobile device
  • AOL mail features and actions
  • Compose and send emails in AOL mail
  • Fix Problem sending AOL mail
  • Error messages in AOL
  • Manage spam and privacy in AOL mail
  • Update AOL mail settings
  • For more, click “All AOL mail articles”

AOL Desktop Gold:

AOL Desktop Gold is the premier product of the brand. It is mainly designed for professional use. If you are an AOL Desktop Gold user and looking for AOL technical support regarding your product, you can simply access the link:

  • An overview of AOL desktop Gold
  • Troubleshooting AOL desktop Gold
  • Import and Export mail and other data with AOL desktop Gold
  • Create, add, delete, or set a default email signature in AOL desktop Gold.
  • I see ads after activating Ad-free mail for AOL desktop Gold.
  • Add, remove, Cc, Bcc recipients to an email in AOL desktop Gold.
  • Change your emails font, format, hyperlinks, and more in AOL desktop Gold.
  • Add images, and attachments to your emails in AOL desktop Gold.
  • Find missing address book contacts in AOL desktop Gold.

To view more articles you can use, “All AOL desktop Gold Articles”. Click on the serial number to access the page.

Change your AOL password:

It is important to change your email passwords on a frequent basis, the novices which are not able to recover or change your password, you can try

Here you see all the steps to change or recover your password. Or you can try the below-given steps to change or recover your password:

  • Sign in to the account security page of AOL.
  • Click on Change password
  • Click on the New password and confirm it, by typing it in “Confirm new password”
  • Click on Continue.
  • Click OK, got it to finish.

How can you set a strong password for your AOL password?

Here is the list some useful tips to set a strong password offered by AOL tech support phone number. Read them carefully to avoid password issues while working with AOL email.

  • Use unique combinations of words, characters, and letters.
  • Use more than 12 characters.
  • Don’t use the information which is easy to probe
  • Use different characters instead of repeating
  • Make sure you use one password only for one web service.
  • Do not use any un-official website for changing or resetting password
  • Avoid sharing your password and log out immediately after use the email account on public devices.

AOL Products:

This section includes all popular AOL products which are commonly used around the world. The major AOL products are AOL mail, AOL Desktop Gold, AOL app for android.

AOL 24X7 Live support:

AOL Live support plus is an ultimate platform to get in touch with AOL experts. Go to:

From here, you can simply sign in using AOL email credential. The AOL live help tech support is available 24X7 to offer the security of your personal data, password, and identity with the simplest manner. But to avail AOL customer service live person support plus facility, you need to pay monthly (30 days) fee $4.99.

AOL Shortcuts:

There is a number of shortcuts which allows you to directly access, the popular topics which occur in a frequent manner:

  • Reset My password
  • AOL mail troubleshooting
  • Minimum requirements for AOL mail
  • About Favorite places
  • Manage my settings
  • View my plan

AOL Social Support Platform:

AOL has its own social support web pages which can be accessed with below-given links:

AOL support on Facebook:

AOL support on Twitter:

Click on any of the links of your choice and you can use the options given on the page. You can send messages, tweets and post status using these pages.

Third Party AOL Support Number:

AOL email is one of the best options for both personal and professional purposes. It has given the best services so far and thus becomes the preference of many. But users often complain of a few issues which are likely to happen with every webmail platform. In other words, AOL too has some the technical glitches. A few of the prevalent technical and general mishaps are given below:

  • Problem while syncing emails on Android
  • Unable to use the AOL emails on iPhone.
  • The issue with the display of AOL emails
  • Password slip from memory
  • Issue while sending or receiving emails
  • Problem while sorting trash from the AOL inbox.
  • AOL email is not working in a proper manner.
  • The server downtime.
  • The problem in creating and formatting an email.
  • Errors like BLERK! GAH!, and ZOIDS!
  • AOL code errors
  • Issue while updating the AOL email platform.
  • Not able to set up and configure security settings.

Veritably, all these issues have different causes and solutions, which is far from the reach of most of the regular AOL users and hence a specialized support is required. Therefore, to offer the customized solution to each of your concern, independent AOL customer support phone number works in a devoted manner. The team of veteran technicians is feasible through the phone numbers, online chat and emails.

Some other major highlights of AOL support are as follows:

  • Every issue is resolved with absolute focus and responsibility
  • The services can be available in a timeless way. You can contact experts all day and all night.
  • Each and every issue irrespective of its sternness is resolved on an immediate basis.
  • Live chat is active for every AOL user.
  • If you are not satisfied with the solution you receive on call, you can ask the techies to troubleshoot the issue through remote access.

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