How to Activate A Disabled Facebook Account?

Facebook has become an unrepeatable part of our lives and so far, there are no alternatives available to it. Not only for the sake of the entertainment but people are using it to grow professionally. It is the best promoting platform for business and brands. It has what all required to achieve the attention targeted audience. Also, users often store and share important pictures, videos and much more on FB. Thus, a disabled Facebook account and be really painful.

There are numerous reasons which can lead to the disabled Facebook account. But recovering a Facebook account is a quite a long process, to make it simple call upon Facebook phone number or try the below-given solution:

The solution to recover the disabled Facebook account:

If your Facebook account is disabled, you can submit an appeal for re-activating your Facebook account. There are multiple reasons which can lead your account to disable, and hence finding the cause is important. Sometimes, nothing works, mostly when the security policy is disobeyed and in such cases, creating a new account is the only option available.

Regular reasons due to which Facebook disabled accounts:

  • Using a fake name
  • Identity theft
  • Content violating the terms of Facebook
  • Not following the community standards set by Facebook
  • Sending or receiving more than confined limits for request
  • Harassing contacts, advertising, promoting, and sharing the inappropriate content on Facebook.

Disabling your Facebook account could be a way to punish you for your inept activity, thus waiting is the best option. But if waiting isn’t helping, sending an appeal is recommended.

  • In order to send an email to re-enable your Facebook account:
  • Enter your login id and password
  • Your Full name
  • Attach the copy of your ID proof
  • And fill the “additional info”

Wait for Facebook to respond and till then do not try any troubleshooting method. If your appeal has a convincing factor, your FB account will be set back to normal. But sometimes it takes more than the expected time which causes restlessness. Sometimes no reply states the rejection of your appeal. So, it is important to reach experts for help.

In a nutshell, if you are not able to regain the access to your FB account even after sending an appeal to FB, calling Facebook support number is your savior. Techies will help you recover your account using befitting solution.

Posted on: November 27, 2018ccsn

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