Microsoft Support Phone Number

Microsoft Customer Support: For Entire Microsoft Clan

Microsoft needs no introduction as the brand has become our daily companion in one or other way. It offers numerous products and services which have optimum quality and user-friendly nature. From operating system MS Windows to office suite, every Microsoft product is necessary to complete our jobs with the computer. But which keeps the brand on the top, is Microsoft support com that helps the users to combat technical glitches and maintain the smoothness of the service they are using.

Here Below Is the Detailed Guide of Microsoft Customer Support

Pick any of them as per your requirement.

Phone Numbers to Reach Microsoft Support:

There is only one customer service and one TTY available to reach the team of Microsoft regarding different Microsoft products. It is recommended to ask your question straightaway after calling so that your call can be directed to the concerned department to avail support for Microsoft:

Microsoft customer service phone number: 1-800-642-7676
TTY Microsoft tech support phone number: 1-800-892-5234

The customer service numbers are accessible in officer hours i.e. 5 am to 9 pm from Monday to Friday and 6 am to 3 pm on weekends.

Important links:

Product activation: this support is specially intended to resolve the issues regarding Microsoft product activation.

Specialized support Microsoft help: To send a specialized support service for your product, go to and then select your product from all listed product. On the next page, select Problem type and then the category of the issue and hit “start request” button. Make sure, you are signed in to process the support.

Mailing address:

To send mail letters regarding customer service, feedbacks complaints or queries related to your Microsoft product, you can use the below-given address of Microsoft headquarters.

One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399

Official MS Support com:

The official website for Microsoft is the key to support for various products offered by Microsoft. Here is how official Microsoft to help support can be used:

Support Windows com

This page helps you install, update or troubleshooting the MS Windows operating system. Also, you can search for Microsoft Windows support articles to fix the issues you are facing. Hereby, you can browse your concern by category, here is the list of categories included in Windows Microsoft support:

  • Update and activate
  • Internal storage
  • Security and privacy
  • Devices and recovery
  • Microsoft store and apps
  • Gaming and mixed reality

For Microsoft Office:

Microsoft office is a suit of various MS programs which is mainly designed for professionals, there are numerous sections available on the support page of Microsoft Office. You will see the different topics namely:

Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Access, Visio, Publisher and more.

Microsoft office support  has various informative articles addressing the common as well as complex issues related to listed products.

Outlook Help center:

There is a search bar which helps you find the topics related to your Outlook email product. The support page includes topics such as Get Started, Setup and customize, Create and send email, Manage email, organize your inbox, contacts and tasks, calendar and more. There are numerous articles available on each topic.

Microsoft account:

Microsoft account is must to access the entire range of Microsoft services. Often using Microsoft account become a hassle due to technical faults. So, there is a separate section which addresses the issues with Microsoft account. On opening the page with MS account, you can search for anything you want regarding MS help.

MS Xbox:

This gaming platform offered by Microsoft is the most prone to issue due to its complex mechanism and hence the website offers special help page

Here you can find the list of featured articles, feedback section, support resources and contact us option. So, for any help regarding Xbox, use the given link.

MS OneDrive:

MS OneDrive is meant to store information, but users face technical troubles usually while syncing, sharing or collaborating the data. Go to and you can avail training for getting started with OneDrive, features topics and Get support option.

Skype support page:

Skype has evolved the communication via voice calls, video calls, group chats and more. So for helping the users regarding Skype issues, Microsoft offers:

Click on the given link and you will be redirected to the Skype support page. There are quick links for Reset password, My account, Buy Skype credit, and download Skype. Also one can choose the help option from:

  • Ask the community
  • Help improve Skype support
  • Try our virtual agent
  • Contact us
  • Skype status

Microsoft virtual assistants:

Go to: and you can get computerized support from a virtual assistance through chat. Click on “contact support”, but make sure you have installed the support app. You can type your concern such as “Reset my account password” and you will be directed to a best-match support article.

Microsoft community:

The Microsoft community is an open forum to discuss your question, queries or feedback. Also, your question is answered by the Microsoft officials as well as other members of the community. There are different communities for different products of Microsoft. So, select your product and you will be directed to the respective community where you can search your question by typing it in the search bar.

Steps to use the Microsoft community in an effective manner;

  • Click on the product of your choice
  • Now you will your product under the “categories” section.
  • Next, select the topic of your choice under the “product topic” dropdown
  • After this, select the sub-topic
  • In the filter by type menu, select what you are looking for, from the options: All, Questions, Discussions, and forum articles.

MS office customer support number:

The list of products and services offered by Microsoft is never ending as the giant consistently brings something new to its collection. Though Microsoft has a number of communities for different products providing virtual Microsoft technical support, there is no real-time assistance available with official Microsoft supports services. Therefore, to deal with the sudden dilemmas with different Microsoft products, independent Microsoft customer service number is present. It is meant to offer instant support to the troublesome issues through a phone call, online chat or emails services.

What All Microsoft Tech Support Services Focus Upon?

Microsoft office 365 support:

Microsoft office 365 is a cluster of various products and services which can create a perfect professional suite. One package is enough to deal with your day-to-day personal as well as professional needs. It is an integration of the following products:

  • Email platform
  • MS Excel and word for creating reports and documents respectively.
  • PowerPoint for designing presentations.
  • Publisher for sharing data online.
  • Access to sort the bulk data.
  • SharePoint for managing the web content.

Common issues with MS Office resolved by Microsoft 365 support:

  • Problem while exploring different products of MS Office.
  • Unable to update the version of microsoft office.
  • MS Office is not working with your operating system.
  • Unable to create or share docs using MS office.
  • Issue while installing, configuring or setting up MS office.

For specialized regarding MS office 365, Microsoft tech support number can be dialed 24X7. Also, it is the best platform to learn and explore the features of MS office 365

Microsoft Outlook support:

Outlook works as both email client and server for Microsoft users. It is the best to email platform which is perfectly designed with pro-advanced features and compelling interface. The list of its features include notes, calendar, journals and more. Though Outlook community has an answer for every concern of users, but sometimes real-time assistance is required which can be available by dialing the independent Outlook support number to combat the below-given issues.

  • Issues while changing or resetting password
  • Unable to clear the junk mails from the inbox.
  • Issues while applying the spam filters.
  • Installation or configuration issues.
  • Unable to send or receive the emails.
  • Attachment issues.
  • Other technical halts.

Whether you are using Outlook with MS Office 365 or the individual product, the best way for any troubleshooting and technical assistance is calling Microsoft number support.

Microsoft word help:

MS word offers the fully-fledged platform for creating, sharing, or editing documents. It allows you to improve the content by adding graphics, links, image and other multimedia to it. Also, it is the major component of MS office. It works very well with every Windows version, as there are different releases of Word available for different OS. But at several moments, MS word crashes or creates other issues like:

  • Inability to install or configure MS word.
  • Code errors on MS word
  • Crashing or freezing of the program.
  • Problem while adding multimedia content to Word document.

Microsoft telephone support ensures that you avail the timely as well as a befitting solution to every problem you are facing with MS Word.

Microsoft customer support for Excel:

MS Excel is designed to create reports, sorting numerical data, manage links and other details at one place. It is ideal for converting your unorganized data to the organized graphical representation of data. Nowadays MS Excel is one of the widely used Microsoft product, but technical hitches often disturb the user experience. Some common MS office issues:

  • Problem while inserting links
  • Memory issues with MS Excel.
  • The sudden crashing of the product.
  • Issues while exploring the range of features.
  • Code errors.
  • Outdated Excel version.
  • Other technical hitches.

Microsoft technical support number is working from day to night, in order to resolve the technical hurdles with Microsoft Excel.

MS PowerPoint support:

MS PowerPoint is a one-stop platform for enhancing your creative skills and design fascinating presentation for your professional, personal, school or college project. It has an array of options to make your presentation effective. These days, the black and white presentations on paper are outdated, as MS PowerPoint lets you design more colorful and attractive presentation which makes it more interesting and understanding. But, some issues trouble users every now and then. Here is the complete list of the issue which occur with MS Excel:

  • Issue while adding links to the presentation
  • Inability to backup data.
  • Technical issues while using PowerPoint
  • Unable to add multimedia while creating a presentation.

So, if you are going through a bad time while using MS PowerPoint, let the experts handle your concern. All you need is calling phone number for Microsoft support and your problem will be detangled in no time.

MS OneNote and Access:

These both are the best data management tools which are loaded with exclusive features. It makes the data dissemination much easier and allows you to share, store and edit data in a more effective manner. Though there is no hard and fast rule associated with MS access or OneNote, sometimes technical issue create disturbance. Here is the list of the technical issues related to MS Access or OneNote:

  • Issue while creating notes and files.
  • The problem while using both programs at the same time.
  • Issue while using these programs on Smartphone.
  • Virus or malware attacks.
  • The crashing of programs due to plug-ins and extensions.

As all the issues are listed above can be resolved immediately with Microsoft technical support number, one can take specialized help for both programs at one place.

Microsoft Windows support phone number

MS Windows is the world’s largest selling operating system which comes inbuilt with most of the computing devices, and thus it is prone to issues. Through Microsoft regularly update the Windows OS, users face technical issues such as:

  • Bugs and error codes
  • Installation and configuration issue
  • Corruption of Windows
  • Inability to sync with the web
  • Problem while downloading or installing data.

Microsoft technical support phone number provides the instant and ultimate solution to all Windows related troubles.