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All Ways to Reach Yahoo Customer Service

Yahoo is the second most used email service platforms. It has an array of salient features which have made it the choice of millions. Though Yahoo has gone through various ups and downs during its journey, but has always managed to overcome as champions. Yahoo always keeps its clients on number one in the priority list and hence the Yahoo help center is accessible through different contact means. The list of official and independent Yahoo contacts means is compiled underneath.

Official Yahoo Support Center: To Reach the Professionals

Yahoo Phone numbers:

There are different phone numbers to reach the different support services offered by Yahoo Inc. You can pick any of the number and call during the office hours to avail solution to your problems.

  • Yahoo Customer Service number for billing: 1-866-562-7228
  • Billing TTY: 1-866-438-1601
  • Corporate Office: 1-408-349-3300
  • Corporate Fax: 1-408-349-3301

Mailing address:

If you are not willing to contact the support number, you can send mail letter to officials of the Yahoo support officials. Send mail letters to Yahoo officials on the official address of headquarters of Yahoo. Yahoo mail address is best to send your complaints, queries or feedback.

Yahoo! Inc. 701 1st Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Social media support portals:

Yahoo has its support services available through the social media sites as well. Both popular sites namely Facebook and Twitter have the Yahoo support page included. Let’s see how they are useful to the users who are in the quest of Yahoo support.

Yahoo customer care on Facebook:

Go to

Facebook support portal for Yahoo is useful in a number of ways. Click on “Use App” to access software designed for Mobile users to access the Yahoo services. Next is the “Send message” button, click on it you will be able to send queries, concerns, and feedbacks using the same button.

Yahoo Help Desk on Twitter:

Yahoo help desk is accessible via twitter as well. There is a page on the most popular social media site i.e. Twitter. Click on Follow to add yourself in the community of twitter Yahoo support.


You can tweet to Yahoo officials by clicking on “Tweet to” button. Or you can “send a message” to the Yahoo support team, by clicking on “Send message”. You can ask answers for your queries, concerns or feedback.

Also, there are numerous tweets which includes links to several support articles, click on any which you think is relevant.

Yahoo Mail Official Website:

The site has the search bar on the top which lets you search anything related to Yahoo and answer you with informative articles. There are two buttons namely “Search Help” and “Search the web”. Once you enter your query, you can click on one of them to find the related information.

The five major tabs can be seen as below:

  • Account
  • Mail
  • Mobile
  • Finance
  • Search


Go to Yahoo official website and select the topic of your concern from the “Browse By topic” drop-down menu. The account tab has a hue of informative articles which are needed to use your Yahoo account effectively and fix the issues appear while the course of use. The list of topics includes:

  • Account key
  • Account Security
  • Create or Delete account
  • Manage account settings
  • Password and sign in
  • Yahoo policy


Yahoo mail is the most commonly used Yahoo service which is the most important topic as well. Therefore, a particular section is allotted to this topic which includes a number of Yahoo email support articles. There are numerous topics lie under the browse by topic section, such as:

  • FAQ
  • Abuse and spam
  • Attachments and photos
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Errors
  • Organize and restore emails
  • POP and IMAP
  • Password and sign in
  • Preference and Settings
  • Sending and receiving messages.


This tab includes all important topics related to Yahoo mobile app which can often trouble the Yahoo mobile users. Every topic includes several other sub-topics which are basically informative articles. It includes:

  • Password and sign-in
  • Basics
  • Download and install
  • Yahoo messenger app
  • Other apps
  • Sports app
  • Yahoo mail apps


This tab includes various topics related to your Yahoo account, stored financial data and business-related topics:

The list of topics included in the finance category are:

  • My portfolio and watch list
  • News and comments
  • Investing and research
  • Preferences and settings
  • Data accuracy
  • Errors


Yahoo search is the second-best search engine after Google. The search topic includes all about the Yahoo search engine along with the troubleshooting articles. It helps you optimize the settings for Yahoo search. The list of search section are:

  • Abuse
  • Get Started
  • Online Safety
  • Preferences and settings
  • Webmaster

Third Party Support Services:

Apart from official Yahoo support, the third party Yahoo technical support is another most authentic way to get a solution for the troubles you are facing. One can call upon the independent Yahoo support number and speak to the technicians for assistance. One can reach the support services anytime around the clock, as the technicians are working in continues manner from day to night to offer the timeless technical support for Yahoo products and services.

Why Yahoo customer support are recommended?

Around the clock assistance:

As we know that official phone support means are not accessible 24X7, so waiting is the only option if the issue appears outside the time-slot of support services. But with independent Yahoo helpline there is no limitations for time and distance. Also, the services are accessible from anywhere across the globe to help the troubled users.

The certified technicians:
The quality of Yahoo email customer services is guaranteed as the support is rendered by the top-most experts of Yahoo. The techies are trained extensively and possess years of knowledge and experience. So, you can trust them blindfolded in the terms of troubleshooting of optimization.

Pocket-friendly solution:
You may invest a big portion of your income in manual recovery methods and still, it leaves you unsatisfied. But with Yahoo help phone number, you can avail the best solution at the minimal rates which works effectively on the technical pain you are going through with your Yahoo product or service.

Resolution of doubts:
Not only the errors are fixed in an effective manner, but the complete transparency throughout the troubleshooting clears your doubts regarding our way of troubleshooting. Thus, we are the most reliable Yahoo mail support services available in the market.

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